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Valentine period is one of the period where a lot of lone parents tend to feel so down, lonely and neglected in our community and society at large, some end up making wrong decisions that leads them to getting entangle in wrong and unhealthy relationships and hence repeated mistakes.

 Hope Point will be organising annual free Valentine Dinner hosting lone parents, giving opportunity for socialising, mingling and having fun in a Godly atmosphere.
Operation Hope Point Africa
Together we can make a change, take
some of our children off the street and
raise up good and responsible


HOPE POINT is for lone Parents from all walks of life, single moms and single dad’s. divorced parents, Widows and widowers,separated, and never married .It is designed to empower, educate, engage, energize, equip and enhance the quality of life for single parents and their children.  Hope Point is not only about single mom’s and single dad’s but about the next generation, our children who are being raised in different single parents homes, we are about their mental, physiological and emotional and spiritual wellbeing. We are about raising a balanced and healthy families, communities and hence a better and healthy Nation.

Hope point is headquartered in Dartford Kent UK, we strives to organize and create a unified voice for lone parents as well as to dispel negative myths and stereotypes by redefining the face and character of single parents in the United Kingdom, United States  and beyond.

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