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Our  intent is to engage lone parents and struggling families,struggling single adults and the homeless in the two primary focal areas of education and empowerment which includes: Advanced Education; Parenting Skills & Support; Financial  &  personal Literacy & Wealth Building; Health & Wellness (Mental, Emotional & Physical); Homeownership Attainment; Starting & Growing a Successful Business; and Personal Empowerment & Self-Development. We by the grace of God assist, support, and referring to other partnering agencies and organizations and above all pointing them to Christ as the source of their HOPE restoration.

Organizing projects annually and seasonally for Lone parents, with the intention of educating and informing them about issues that impact their every day lives as well as provide access to resources in these areas:

1.      BACK TO SCHOOL PROJECTS: This Project will be to assist any single parents that needs help with School Supplies and school uniforms and school Clothes. This could be a very financial challenging period for families, even married family not to mention Single parent, it could be a struggle to get uniforms and school supplies for children especially with more than 1 child. We are hoping to get support and donations of school supplies, old and new school uniforms and  distribute it accordingly to as many single parents as possible in our community.

2.    CHRISTMAS TOY DRIVE: We will be organizing the Toy drive to assist Lone parents who are unable to provide Christmas toys for their Children. We will be liaison with local Churches, Companies and Business so we can support as many parents as possible; we will have Christmas Santa and give away as many toys as possible or mail some toys to lone-parents that are on our data base.

3.    VALENTINES DINNER PROJECT: Valentine period is one of the period where a lot of single parent tend to feel so down, lonely and neglected in our community and society at large, some end up making wrong decisions that leads them to getting entangle in wrong and unhealthy relationships and hence repeated mistakes. Hope Point organizes dinners to pamper and create an alternative atmosphere for lone parents to have a fun filled and relaxation among themselves and know that they are not left out neither being forgotten by God.

4.    MOTHERS DAY BREAKFAST OR BRUNCH PROJECT: This will take place during mothers day period, we will organize and assist the Children to get Mother’s day Gift to their mothers. Give ideas of  ways the children can appreciate their mothers as cheap as possible

5.    regular and ongoing mentoring and councelling: Hope Point will have an ongoing mentoring and support for Single parents, guiding and encouraging them to be the best parents and how to look after their children properly, so that these kids will become great leaders and mentors in their Community.